FriiSpray – Digital Infra-red Graffiti

Enabling Expression through Technology

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New can hardware now available

We now sell infra-red emitting cans for use with your own virtual graffiti setup. 100% designed and made in our UK workshop – regular + small sizes. Drop us an email to find out more.

Can detail

Assembled the kit is designed to fit snugly into the top of a pre-prepared aerosol can. It replaces the top part of the can and can be removed easily to replace the battery when needed.

'Regular' / 400ml sized can

'Small' / 150ml can

Each can is made + tested by us – discount is available for bulk orders, and we can arrange for shipping discount for low multiples. Each can sells for £60 plus shipping via express courier calculated based on your location.

Software developments

The IR Spray Cans are best used with AIR Graffiti Software. The software is built from 2 components: the Detection & Calibration program and the AIR Graffiti Main Drawing Software that has all the interactive and drawing abilities. With that you will be able to offer AIR Graffiti Wall at events / parties or fun activities.


FriiSpray is a guerilla infra-red graffiti installation developed by the Jam Jar Collective. It uses a custom infra-red spray can, a projector, an IR Webcam, a computer and AIR Graffiti Software. The installation is a back projection on a screen and allows the users to digitally graffiti using the custom made spray can.

Here is a video of AIR Graffiti Wall in action:

How it works.

It works by sending the position (x,y) and on/off signal from a infra-red LED (similar to those found in many TV remotes) mounted in a spray can to the infra-red camera in the front of the IR Webcam.  This signal is then transfered via detection to a computer via AIR Graffiti software to control the mouse pointer.  This in turn controls the paint spot in the AIR Graffiti application.


The original intention was to recreate a clean form of digital graffiti where the user could virtually spray paint straight on to a window in the centre of town.  This was partly inspired by the work of the Graffiti Research Lab [GRL] who have created open source forms of expression such as LASER tagging and the LED throwies.  FriiSpray instructions for the 1st infra-red spraycan be found here.

We have since run workshops for various ages and also private party events giving people the chance to try their hand at virtual graffiti themselves.