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FriiSpray 0.77 now available

April 14th, 2009 · 2 Comments · software

We’ve had loads of requests and suggestions about how we can improve FriiSpray. We’re really excited about all the possibilities. This is the first of more updates to follow that start to implement those features.

Version 0.77 now lets you load a background image to spray over. This might be a photo of a wall, a previously saved FriiSpray image or anything you like really. To use this new feature simply press cntrl + o.

There are also some minor changes that should make the software a little bit more efficient, and a fix to a bug that meant it sometimes kept drawing when you didn’t want it to.

To get the latest version go to our software page.


2 Comments so far ↓

  • Ulfilas

    great stuff. Would be nice if the pallettes could hide though – and if you could have different screen sizes as options – for widescreen ratio screens and higher res projectors

  • Ulfilas

    I’ve been looking at some other software out there… some that allow the use of stencils.. now that would be awesome! I’ve been tryin ArtRage 2.5 and it’s really nice – but you can’t restrict it enough for the public – I did wonder about TuxPaint – it’s also open source – and it might be feasible to use it as a basis for some more crazy things like stamping