FriiSpray – Digital Infra-red Graffiti

Enabling Expression through Technology

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FriiSpray is a project thought up by three people based in Leeds, UK.  Started in 2009, it was part the result of experimentation between Stuart Childs & Dave Lynch.  We were looking at the uses of Johnny Chung Lee’s open source WiiMote Whiteboard software and infra red LEDs. By the end of the session, the help of a white bed sheet and some tinkering we had hatched plans to house the infra-red LEDs in a spray can.  FriiSpray was born.  Over the next few weeks we designed and built the first infra-red spray can.A few years later in February 2015, FriiSpray has been acquired by Foto Master LTD which offers the most popular and advanced Digital Graffiti Software used by AIR Graffiti Wall. Foto Master built a more advanced proprietary detection and calibration software, which is faster and more accurate than the wii based solutions. Leaning on FriiSpray’s world class IR Spray Cans and being FriiSprays’ biggest customer, the acquisition by Foto Master was natural and beneficial for both sides.

For more information, requests or otherwise just email us:  info [at] fotomasterltd[dot] com