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A snippet of code from FriiSpray

A snippet of code from FriiSpray

In 2015, FriiSpray company has been acquired by Foto Master LTD which offers the most popular and advanced Digital Graffiti Software . With AIR Graffiti Software, companies can offer: AIR Graffiti Wall at events, parties, entertainment centers, hotels, and the retail market.

Foto Master’s AIR Graffiti Software uses the IR Spray Cans that FriiSpray manufactures in order to offer the best and most exciting interactive experience. AIR Graffiti Software’s Features include:

  • The fastest and most accurate detection and calibration program

  • Color Selection

  • Drawing Effects

  • Photo Effects

  • Custom Branded Overlay

  • Green Screen Background Removal

  • Stencils

  • Stamps

  • Print

  • Publish to Facebook

  • Publish to Twitter

  • Instagram hashtags

  • Games Launcher

  • Timer

  • Cool drawing tools

  • Live View

  • DSLR / Webcam integration

  • Custom Color Builder

  • Custom Feature Builder

  • Vertical & Horizontal presentation mode

  • And many more…

To read more about the special features that AIR Graffiti offers you can visit:

AIR Graffiti Software Page.

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